Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Pruning Basics...

Hey everyone! Spring is the best time to prune certain types of landscape plants as you probably know. I have been contemplating blogging about pruning for weeks now because I think personally that it is much easier to learn correct pruning by watching a demonstration than reading it from a book/blog. BUT, I just found that the extension has these amazing demonstration video's that will tell you how to prune your landscape plants in full detail. Get your pruners sharpened while you watch these fun pruning video's and learn how to train your plants to be more healthy and aesthetically beautiful! The three I found are fruit tree pruning, rose pruning, and multi-stem shrub pruning. (This first video is WELL WORTH YOUR TIME but is about 29 minutes long so be warned to set aside the time before watching) Fruit Tree Pruning http://extension.usu.edu/admin/files/uploads/MattPalmerPruning.wmv

The next video is for rose pruning...hope you enjoy! (From the Utah State University Extension is my old boss and Weber County Horticulturist Jerry Goodspeed)


The third one is for pruning landscape shrubs such as dogwood, lilac etc... (but, the best time to prune a lilac is AFTER it blooms!)


This last video is just my favorite song about vegetables!! Just for fun... (veggie tales theme song)


Get a head start on your pruning before your trees and shrubs leaf out! Happy pruning! Many Thanks to the Extension and their awesome public-educating ablilties!


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