Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Plant a row for the hungry

Ohhh beautiful spring!
Doesn't the beautiful weather and sprouting bulbs fill you with gratitude? We are so spoiled in this rich country with warm comfortable homes and our very need at our fingertips. Yet statistics show that 1 in 8 households in the United States experiences hunger or the risk of hunger. Approximately 33 million people including 13 million children have substandard diets or must resort to emergency food because they cannot afford the food they need. For more hunger statistics click link below


When planning your garden this year consider helping others in your own local areas by planting a row for the hungry. It is a great thing to do with our children to teach them about helping others! Before you plan call local food banks, and soup kitchens and ask them about produce they need. Plan your row to grow things that will be most beneficial to them.
For more information on this check out the link below...

Plant a Row for the Hungry (National Garden Writers Association)


We have only a few short weeks to get ready to plant our peas and other Cole Crops. So I have been busy prepping my garden soil and adding as much organic material that I can. Adding organic material is the best thing you can do to improve your soil. A great place to find affordable and good quality compost is at the county green dump. We can get a yard of compost here in Weber County for about $15 a yard. I try to add organic matter every year so my soil gets better and better!

Don't mind my messy garden due to my sweet baby born in August!! There are only a few things I prefer over gardening- and being a mother is one of them :)

Now is a great time to pour over your seed catalogs and find what you want to plant this year. Remember to rotate crops from last year to get the best growing results!

Happy Gardening,