Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to order FREE seed catalogs!

So we all know it is still incredibly depressing outside- at least here in zone 5. Nothing will cheer you up more than getting some seed catalogs in the mail so you can start your garden planning! It's still not too late to get on the list to receive many. Here are some links to seed companies that will send you a FREE catalog.

1. Burpee seed Company

2. Gurney Seed Company

3. Mtn. Valley Seed Co.

4. Twilley See Co.

5. Stokes Seeds Inc.

6. Park Seed Co.

7. Irish Eyes seed co.

8. Johnny's Select seeds

I am not endorsed by any of these companies, just found a way to make my planning easier by knowing my options. I really buy most of my seeds from local nurseries but occasionally there is something new or rare that I want to try from a catalog!
Happy Planning!

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